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How To Ditch The Beauty Chair

How to Ditch the Beauty Chair      Beauty-preneurs operate serviced based businesses which can be physically and emotionally challenging as they deal with whiny, demanding cheap clients who have a lack of  compassion for their life, or time.   Beauty is a broad subject because any type of impact that you can make can be…
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Passive Income Vs Residual Income

Clocking in to a second job is not feasible with the current demands of life, such as kids, sleep, dinner, dating etc. The average american now works or is in the market to work 30 hours per week or less.  This opens up the curiosity of other other available avenues of revenue but one must…
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3 Ways To KickStart Your Cricut Business

I would imagine a lot of you got a machine for Christmas, or have a machine and are clueless on how to generate money without spending a lot of money, so hopefully these Cricut Tips for Beginners will be helpful. The  machine  has so many uses – it’s more than just something to cut vinyl…
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Wix vs WordPress

Are you struggling to get your business online? You are not sure what platform to sell or offer your products and/or services. As a new or seasoned business owner these options will change as your business grows but here are the yay and nay to Wix vs WordPress. Even though they are both great ways…
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10 Dont’s In Business: The Simple Etiquette Checklist

We all wish we could prep to be a business owner like we are prepped for our career or dream job.  Unfortunately, everyone does not have access to the same resources or the same network that hone in on business ethics.  One should always strive for the ABC of positive impression. Appearance, Behavior, and Communication.…
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3 Reasons Why You Should Become a Certified Coach

Are you motivated to helping others who are out of options or lack the resources they need to grow?  Are you committed to making a difference in your life and the life of others?  Do you want to serve others who have no one else to turn to?  Do you want the excitement of owning…
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3 Email Marketing Services for the Budding Entrepreneur

  Staying in front of your customer through sending an email is simple right, everyone reads their email. Wrong! People read what interest them at the right time. Crafting a great email can be difficult but email marketing servers can make your life so easy. This is also a way to target your customers just…
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5 Ways to Get Paid Faster in Business

  Getting paid is what matters the most after you have completed a product or service and cash is not always the best way to go.  Carrying cash can put you at risk of losing or misplacing it, it can also put you in immediate danger if someone knows you are carrying money on your…
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