10 Dont’s In Business: The Simple Etiquette Checklist

We all wish we could prep to be a business owner like we are prepped for our career or dream job.  Unfortunately, everyone does not have access to the same resources or the same network that hone in on business ethics.  One should always strive for the ABC of positive impression. Appearance, Behavior, and Communication. Impression is everything and with social media as an added bonus you can guarantee that everyone is watching


We don’t realize the importance of the small things that annoy others until they are annoyed, and you are unfollowed, blocked, avoided, or reported for spam.



Here are 10 Don’ts in Business Etiquette

1.     Do not tag other people  in your social media post without advanced permission. This is social media tacky and shows lack of professionalism.

2.     Do not add people to FB  groups or any group  without asking them in advance.  Again….Social media tacky and shows lack of professionalism or proper training.

3.     Do not create an event or schedule a meeting and you are late or better yet you never make it.

4.     Don’t always be the person that needs help with everything, but can never be of help to anyone else.

5.     Do not be an Askhole. (You ask advice but do the opposite).   Better yet don’t be an AssHole! Express Gratitude

6.     Don’t only mingle with your preferred clique.  Explore and network outside of your usual groups of people that is how you expand and grow.

7.     Don’t be closed minded  to other people’s vision and mission. This shows lack of class and makes you appear to be competitive.

8.     Don’t give business advice that you are not practicing yourself. Practice what you preach!

9.     Don’t appear to be an expert in everything. No one wants to be around a know it all, even if you know it all. Ijs!

10.  Don’t ignore those who have supported you in the past, present, or future. Reciprocate the love even if you directly or indirectly have worked with them. It is not sucking up its called being grateful for the opportunites that have molded you in the brazen business person you have become.


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