How To Ditch The Beauty Chair

How to Ditch the Beauty Chair

     Beauty-preneurs operate serviced based businesses which can be physically and emotionally challenging as they deal with whiny, demanding cheap clients who have a lack of  compassion for their life, or time.  

Beauty is a broad subject because any type of impact that you can make can be translated into the definition of what is beautiful. However, when one thinks of Beauty-preneurs they typically vision a stylist, mua, or esthetician but let your imagination go wild and if this suits you take a stand.

In this post I will suggest a few ways you can own your time and increase your wealth without the mental sacrifice and physical breakdown required for the daily hustle and bustle of doing hair, make-up, eyebrows etc.  or any service based task all day by implementing streams of revenue aka the pie of wealth. This does not mean ditch your passion of providing service to your clients it is just to be a means of determining your future. 



What is passive, residual, or recurring income?


Passive income is how your earn your money as a beauty service provider.   You exchange your time for a service and if you don’t exchange your time you miss out on pay for the day. You can  miss this time due to illness, injury or lack of clientele, lack of a babysitter if you have young children, customers cancelling etc. Passive income can also be from the sale of a product.  This product can be a private label product or one can be a reseller (for example for design essentials). Recurring income is what you can earn for completing a task one time and continually get paid for it.  Here are a few suggestions that have proven to take you on a path to comfortable 6 figure life and put you in position to ditch the chair full-time or part-time so you can start living your best life. Marketing is a huge part of making the sale on any type of income passive or recurring.  The only thing that separates you from any other business is your marketing. Your 5 Ways are below. Much Success.



5 Ways: How to Ditch the Beauty Chair 

  • Training-Do a video training live or pre-recorded on based on your expertise. You can post this to fb, insta, youtube, or website. 
  • Event-hold a live event based on your expertise or based on a topic important to your audience.  It can be an entrepreneur event, or training event.
  • Create a digital product such as an ebook/workbook to train or inform your audience. If you can not write or don’t have an idea consider hiring a ghostwriter.
  • Start a blog to inform, teach, and market to your audience in a whole different way.  When one reads a blog they typically are seeking that topic meaning they are a targeted audience looking for what you have to offer. 
  • Hold a retreat.  This can be overnight or a multi-day trip where you train, motivate, inspire in a more intimate, adventurous, or relaxing atmosphere.  


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Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  Remember individuals learn in different ways , listening, reading, or hands-on so take that in consideration when you try any one of these suggestions.


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