3 Ways To KickStart Your Cricut Business

I would imagine a lot of you got a machine for Christmas, or have a machine and are clueless on how to generate money without spending a lot of money, so hopefully these Cricut Tips for Beginners will be helpful.

The  machine  has so many uses – it’s more than just something to cut vinyl for t-shirts. Cricut has really created an amazing and user friendly system for designing and creating so many different projects.

First, you have to learn the basic of the machine so you can figure out your niche.  You can download the kickstart guide here so you can get a general idea of that along with some great resources.

Secondly, you must have surround yourself with like-minded people for support and also inspiration. Be sure to join our newly-created Cricut Community on Facebook for ideas and inspiration here!

Last but not least be prepared.  You get some items with your cricut such as basic tools, samples, etc based on which machine you purchase but it would be great if you purchased:

Extra mats

HTV-iron on for tshirts

Vinyl (651)-for cups, decals, etc.

blanks to practice- dollar tree has the most affordable and you can order in bulk online at www.dollartree.com

Inkjet printer-HP is recommended

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