5 Ways to Get Paid Faster in Business


Getting paid is what matters the most after you have completed a product or service and cash is not always the best way to go.  Carrying cash can put you at risk of losing or misplacing it, it can also put you in immediate danger if someone knows you are carrying money on your person, or cash sales can keep you from advancing in business.  In addition, it is always great to have more than one platform to accept payments from your customers.  

Here are 5 platforms that will get you paid fast:

  • Paypal: Online & App Platform FREE and is one of the most secure ways to collect a payment. If you apply for the free business debit card you will have access to your money instantly. click here to create your business account.
    • You can send an instant pay link.
    • You can invoice customers directly from the app.
    • If you more traditional methods you can add a pay button to your website or send an invoice to email.



  • CashApp:  App Platform: Instant payment app that allows you to request your fee by text.  Visit Your App Store to Download
    • Fees may apply for transfers to your bank.
    • You receive a virtual credit card to shop with.You can request a hard credit card
  • Square: Online and App Platform.
    • This platform allow for credit card processing with card swiper that attaches to your smart phone.
    • You can order the swiper online or purchase at  your local walgreens .
    • They can deposit your funds into your account instantly, next day or 2-3 days. Fees apply.  Click Here To Create your Account Here
  • Google Wallet: Online and App Platform  Visit Your App Store to Download.
    • This platform allows clients to pay you through their email provider.
    • Funds can remain in your google wallet. Funds can be transferred to your attached account..
  • Venmo: App Platform.
    • Can be used to transfer money to individuals.
    • Can be used to shop with money received at numerous online retailers.
    • Can attach a connect a credit, debit, or bank account.

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