Wix vs WordPress

Are you struggling to get your business online? You are not sure what platform to sell or offer your products and/or services. As a new or seasoned business owner these options will change as your business grows but here are the yay and nay to Wix vs WordPress. Even though they are both great ways to start or take your online store to the next level.

Starting on the Wix platform was the best option due to the easy upgrade options. It also allows you to build a responsive site with a storefront that allows trusted payment processing features such as stripe and Paypal. It also had many business building add-ons will allow any business to build an email list. We reached over 500 in our first year.

The downside was no live customer service. Email help was booked out for months. When dealing with tech you need to hear a voice for a more detailed solution. Runs slower than a hosted platform. User-friendly.

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After the first year, WordPress was a no-brainer! investing in a web designer to build plus manage the site on a monthly basis was heaven sent. The cost for a website can run from $500-1000 and web management typically runs $35 and up per month. Make sure confidentiality and non-compete agreement are in place as they will have to protect your business as designers may work with businesses similar to yours. Having a WordPress site does require you to have hosting which can be purchased here.
The downside is you are building on your own so a lot of support comes from tutorials and/or a web manager.
However, the upside was the plugins and resources provided allowed us to build a massive email list in year one. Along with 101% increase in sales. If you have an entry level skill one can build a WordPress site from scratch in 3 hours or less..

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Other platforms you can consider is Etsy, Squarespace, or store envy, and Shopify.

We tell people using sites such as wix is like owning an apartment whereas WordPress is like owning a home. I would suggest you definitely look into owning your own home. It is a great investment in the long run for a serious business.


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